Tay Evans’ Career is Over

Sooners starting linebacker Tay Evans career at OU has come to an end. He is being forced to stop playing, because of the number of concussions he has received.

Evans, who earned his starting spot over the off season, has played in 13 games for the Sooners, 3 of which he started. In his short career, he had a total of 18 tackles, 5 against Houston (career high), and another 5 against Ohio State. He did not play in the game against TCU last week, due to his concussions.

Evans on the announcement: https://mobile.twitter.com/tayvns96/status/783061735121059840

“He’s just had some head concussions and the doctors feel it’s in his best interest, moving forward, not to (play),” Stoops said. “And so he’s disappointed. We’re disappointed for him for sure. You know, it hurts us. The guy had been starting and really had an incredible future, but we want the best for him moving forward in his life first and foremost.”

Bob has offered Evans a job on the coaching staff as a student coach, which we do not know if he is going to accept.

As for his scholarship, he is now being placed on a medical scholarship, which means he still gets the financial aid, but it does not effect the teams number of scholarships allowed.

From this point on, it looks like Emmanuel Beal will take over Tay’s starting spot.

Article by Anderson Inman


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